Future Proof 2020

Today, the university held it's 'Future Proof' event again.

With 3 different designers speaking at the event, it was really insightful to be able to see how they chose their specific paths and how they chose what to specialise in after Graduating.

I found designer Raj Davsi’s journey most inspiring, as he started his presentation by saying how ‘crap’ he was at type, and how he didn’t let this stop him from perusing his dream to be a designer. His motivation was also something that really inspired me as he kept pushing himself out of his comfort zone and then kept going after his dreams to get better roles and better projects within the studio doing motion graphics and videography.

Rob showed us some really cool work he had done with popular companies such as McVitties and the Happy Egg Co. It was really inspiring to see that he has worked his way up to being able to design for such well-known brands, as well as having his own jewellery business on the side. He told us about his day to day schedule of balancing both and he definitely has a lot of passion and drive for what he does in order to be able to balance both!

The final speaker of the day was Russell, who has done a lot of different projects. The one I liked best was his Bodyshop campaign for the 25-year anniversary. It was really bright, and eye catching and worked really well. I found the three speakers really interesting and messaged them after the event on Instagram to talk to them a little more and thank them for inspiring me in their own ways.

I also had a chance to talk to the second years and give them some advice for their placement modules and going into third year. It was nice being able to talk to them as I remember I was nervous about it last year, but found it really helpful, so I tried to make them feel comfortable and just give them the advice I would have liked to receive last year.

The day was a success and overall, and I found it really motivating and inspiring for my

projects going forwards for the rest of the semester. I found it particularly nice to see

how Rob was showing us his sketches and how these lead him to his final outcomes,

which is something that really helps me with my design process at uni, so it was nice to

see it is helpful in the real world too!

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