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Hi, my name is Katie and I have just started Coventry University, studying BA Graphic Design. I am 19 years old and originally come from Coventry anyway. I am writing a blog in order to document interesting and exciting things that happen whilst I am at University, to do with my course, things I find interesting, and also my personal life throughout the experience. I thought my first post should be about me, and some more details about myself that people may find interesting. Firstly, I have not chosen to move into student accommodation, because I personally don't feel ready to leave home. I applied to local universities for this reason. For my a-levels, I studied at Cardinal Newman, which is a local school to the area. I did 3 a-levels in Product Design, Ethics and Philosophy and Product Design, and came out with grades of ACC. Alongside this, I was Head Girl for my Sixth Form, which entailed exciting opportunities for me to be in charge of a leadership team, whilst gaining incredible transferrable skills to enhance my employability.

I live at home with my parents and three cats, who can be seen pictured below:

In the top left hand corner is Bobby (Bibi), who is the eldest of the 3, then below is Toby (Tiggy), he is half Tabby and half Bengal. Then on the right is Minnie (Moopie). Despite the fact our cats have real names, we rarely call them by these!

I was also a cheerleader for a Coventry team called Gemini for 6 years, but quit after an injury. Whilst at Gemini I competed in many competitions for different levels of cheerleading, the highest being national level 5 group stunt, and (separately) European level 3, where my team took the bronze medal. I am hoping university leads me into a new cheerleading team where I can build my skills and stamina back up, but as I have learned, it is a very demanding sport. With my timetable for the first semester being so crammed, and with a part time weekend job, I will have to see how I can balance my time. So far, I have been at university for one week (freshers week), so when things kick in properly next week I will think more about which sports teams and societies I would like to join.

I hope this first post has allowed you to learn some more about me and what I intend for the blog. Whilst it will be quite academic and uni based I want it to be relatable and less formal. I will also be talking about the name of my blog and why I chose this, but in the future. There will also be posts about trips and activities I have been doing whilst at university. Overall, I want to write about my experiences, good and bad and to record interesting and new things along the way!

I hope you will enjoy my university journey with me!

Katie Xx

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Hi! I'm Katie, studying Graphic Design at Coventry University. I am using my blog as a space where I can record my University experience, and document interesting elements of my course, and other things I find along the way. Enjoy!

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