Grades and Feedback - Sem 1!

I have now received all my grades and feedback from the first semester and wanted to share them here on the blog. I'm really happy with my results and want to also share some feedback I have received to reflect upon.

The first grade I received back was my advantage module grade (10 credit module) and I got 62% which is a 2:1. I was quite happy with this, I knew my sketchbook had some repeating elements and because I'm not the best at drawing it was lacking in those. It needed a little more variation for me to get a better grade, but I really enjoyed the module and was happy to receive this grade for it!

The second grade I got back was for Visual Communication (20 credit module) and I got 68%, again a 2:1. Of course I was really happy with this grade but its so annoying being so close to a 1st! I read the feedback which was overall very positive, and upon reflection I realised I could have made some more collateral for my campaign project such as guide t-shirts, lanyards or tote bags for attendees.

I then received my Typography (20 credit module) grade and I got 72% (1st)! I was really over the moon with this, as I worked really hard to make this a complete project and looked into designing for children quite extensively to ensure the project worked as a whole well. I even made the packaging and things like the instructions and parents card for the game. I think completing a whole set of collateral like this is what just tipped me into the 1st class grade.

Finally, yesterday on Christmas Eve - Eve, I got my dissertation (20 credit module) grade and I got 78%! Another 1st! Which I was so happy with. I really enjoyed looking into my dissertation and was super happy I got that grade for it, it's the highest grade I've ever got within my 3 years at university.

The most important thing I've learnt from this semester is to have fun with the projects, as it really shows through in the grades I've received. And although the advantage grade was a little low, I still had a great time during the module and so it doesn't matter too much, I've also learnt about what to do next time to make it better.

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