Finished YCN Work

Me and Lizzie came together and combined our work ready for the submission. As a set, the work really matches well and looks very professional. The illustrations are fun and fulfil our own brief we wanted to fill, which was to create something different and fun for fans of the show.

We shared illustrations for things like the gift wrap, gift bag, and stickers. Out of these I created the first card, the notecards, the notebook and the final sticker sheet. We worked really closely though, and I don't think you can tell whose work is whose.

Most importantly, I had fun working with Lizzie to do this project and I think the outcome shows it!

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Hi! I'm Katie, studying Graphic Design at Coventry University. I am using my blog as a space where I can record my University experience, and document interesting elements of my course, and other things I find along the way. Enjoy!

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