19 Apr 2020

Curiosity Curator has a new look!

After recently completing my own self branding I decided to carry the traits over to the blog to make it more consistent. I also think it was time for an update after creating the look for this in first year!

Goodbye old look, hello new...

9 Apr 2020

Me and Lizzie came together and combined our work ready for the submission. As a set, the work really matches well and looks very professional. The illustrations are fun and fulfil our own brief we wanted to fill, which was to create something different and fun for fan...

22 Mar 2020

Today, I finished my industry branding for Sophie Sharp.

These are my final designs, she is branded in a fortune teller/tarot card theme because they hold the same important traits a film director has to have to be successful. I think it works really well and is somethi...

20 Mar 2020

We have now finished D&AD and I thought I would share our work here: 

These are the slides we sent to D&AD as we were only allowed 8. I designed these using everyones work they had completed for the project. We also submitted Lizzie's video separately. 

I designed the ts...

11 Mar 2020

For YCN, I am working with Lizzie on the UK Greetings brief. 

Main Deliverables include:

2 Greetings Cards, 

A Boxed Notecard Set, 

Gift Wrap, 

A Gift Bag, 

A Notebook cover

For our concept we have chosen to take TV show Brooklyn Nine - Nine as inspiration, as it fun and not...

2 Mar 2020

Today, I submitted my final file for Penguin. Over the last few weeks I have been working on the cover, and had multiple crits with Paul and Phil and even a trip to the Herbert Art Gallery to view some gas masks to illustrate. 

Here is my final submission: 

 I'm really h...

1 Mar 2020

For D&AD the idea we are currently playing with is the idea that soldiers are disposable collateral in wars. 

For my design work, I have now completed photography shoots of 2 burning experiments I have completed.

This was my first set of experimental photographs, I then...

20 Feb 2020

Today, we did our Degree Show Pitches. We ended up splitting groups, so I was working with Lizzie and Josh and Charlie worked with Luke. This is because when we voted there was a split and both ideas had great potential. 

We ended up working on this 'Mind the Gap' conce...

6 Feb 2020

Today, the university held it's 'Future Proof' event again. 

With 3 different designers speaking at the event, it was really insightful to be able to see how they chose their specific paths and how they chose what to specialise in after Graduating.

I found designer Raj D...

28 Jan 2020

To prepare for Degree Show, we are working in groups of up to 5 people to come up with concepts ready to present on 20th February. 

I am working with Charlie, Lizzie, Luke and Josh. At the minute, we are all coming up with out own ideas and pitching them before we pick...

23 Jan 2020

For D&AD we have chosen to work in a group - Me, Charlie, Lizzie and Luke.

We have picked the Google & HMCT brief to pick a song that links to an event or a political movement etc and create a campaign around it. 

Main collateral incudes: 

-A record cover

-A poster


22 Jan 2020

Today, Mark launched our PDP3 module. 

It consists of 2 parts: 

1. Industry Branding - to brand an industry professional you are given (mines a film director) - 4 weeks  

2. Self Branding - to brand ourselves in a range of ways ready for Degree Show - 7 weeks

I'm exci...

20 Jan 2020

Today we had the module launch for 311AAD, Design Practice 3. This is an absolutely massive module (40 credits) and we have 5 mini projects to do within it. 

These are: 




Type Tour 

& Degree Show! 

All these projects seem very exciting and we have actually alr...

24 Dec 2019

I have now received all my grades and feedback from the first semester and wanted to share them here on the blog. I'm really happy with my results and want to also share some feedback I have received to reflect upon. 

The first grade I received back was my advantage mod...

4 Dec 2019

I realised, I haven't really posted a lot about my dissertation on the blog, so I thought I would share the title of it now: 

I am writing about


And the due date is 9th December. I have a lot more t...

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